WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: All Originals Edition!

Oceanside Cities is the new single from Adir L.C. Nicely done indie music.

The Adult Swim singles are damn fine this year. First, it was Ghostface and MF DOOM, now…The Chromatics!

Oh, and don’t forget Slayer.

Tiny Engines Records wants to share with you a song from Haybaby’s new album, Sleepy Kids. I’ve heard the whole thing and I have to say: It’s pretty damn interesting. Reminds me of Breeders and Sonic Youth.

Meditative alt-country band Israel Nash has a new album out, and they’re sharing this single. I hear faint shades of Pink Floyd—what do you think?

Any of you ever heard of Americana-tinged Promised Land Sounds? I hadn’t. But I heard this song, and I was glad I did.

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