WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper!

An up-and-coming rapper (Bronson) teams up with a current big buzz fave (Chance the Rapper) and a high-powered producer (Mark Ronson). This has to be great, right? It is. It sounds a lot like Ghostface, though.

While we’re on the hip-hop thing, check out the new single from Baauer, featuring Fetty Wap and Dubbel Dutch. I’m loving the hook. If this is the future of indie rap top 40, I’m with it.

Covering Pink Floyd is never easy. But Luke Million just made it sound easy.

I’ll leave you with a video–Postmodern Jukebox, with Robyn Adele Anderson, have created a 1920s version of Coolio’s biggest hit…

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