If you’re expecting Zoe to sound like her father, Lenny Kravitz, you’ll be disappointed. The offspring’s band, Lolawolf, has smart lyrics (“I wanna know what love is/I really hope that it’s not you”) over music that feels like a poppier version of 1990s shoegaze–probably the opposite of what Lenny made back in the day. If you’ve only got the time for one track, Chainz is the standout (and much more uptempo than the rest of the EP), but you’ll be missing out. Every cut here is terrific. They may not sound all that distinct at first blush, but give each song time to fill the space. This is pop music, yes, but it is pop music that doesn’t sound the same wherever you jump in. You have to listen to the build, be part of the climb.

And, they’ve got a new single!

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