OVERMAN-The Future is Gonna Be Great

Overman are four dudes from Illinois.

Overman say that they “understand [Berkeley Place’s] contributions to the collective music scene and thus the emotional state of the world.”  And I can’t tell if they’re being sarcastic or honest.

Overman sound like southern rock with an acoustic, soft-ish side–like music you’d hear in a Dead show parking lot or a college dorm.

Overman’s music, however, is unmistakably honest.

Overman should appeal to you if you like Dave Bromberg, Drive-By Truckers, John Prine, Ryan Adams, old fashioned rock and roll, or well-crafted barburners.

Overman have a lighters-up, sing-a-long anthem called “You’ll Feel Better If You Sing” that made me sway while cooking pancakes for my two little boys.

Overman’s album is nine bucks at Amazon.

You’ll Feel Better if You Sing

14 Diamond Rings

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