SELF SCIENTIFIC-Trials of the Blackhearted (EP)

Self Scientific—DJ Khalil on the beats, Chace Infinite with the words—have launched their career with a freEP, “Trials of the Blackhearted,” featuring guest spots by no less than Big K.R.I.T., Game, Talib Kweli and Freddie Gibbs. Chace is tremendously skilled–he can spit war stories, street stories (“Jay the wrong nigga to betray/Jay don’t do nothin’ but fuck bitches and serve all day”), ghetto poetry (“I’m the type to kill the devil when I see the mothafuc%a . . . Reminding people daily that the government don’t love us”), philosophy (“My eyes saw their vision diminished as I walked with sinners”), and ego-pumping “I’m the best rapper” lyrics, all with creative inflection and word choices.  It’s just 8 songs long, but it’s worth mining.  Favorite lines:

Get it free here.

War Stories, with Big KRIT

Everywhere I Go, with Game and Talib Kweli

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