MT. DESOLATION-Mt. Desolation

I’ve never really gotten the whole Keane thing, but I might start now.  Bandmembers Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin’s alt-country side project Mt. Desolation feels as authentic as any English Americana band possibly can.  Playing along with members of Noah & The Whale, The Killers, The Long Winters, and Mumford and Sons, with production by Emery Dobyns (Anthony &The Johnsons, Noah &The Whale, Patti Smith), the band almost seems like an indie up-and-comers supergroup, putting together a collection really fine songs.  At times you’ll hear shades of David Byrne, at others flavors of a more traditional nature, and sometimes the Traveling Willburys even slip in.  But the album as a whole feels original, interesting and, well, desolate.  But never depressing.  Just bare.  Bare is probably a better word.  Stripped down and pure, these are songs by songwriters played by talented musicians who know their way around a verse-chorus-verse structure.  Authentic and honest, this is a great collection of tunes.

Besides, who wants to call an album Mt. Stripped Down And Honest?


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