THE BLACK-Sun in the Day Moon at Night

Altcountryretropunkers The Black come with a strong pedigree: They’ve got two former Voxtrotters and David Longoria on guitar and vocals–formerly of And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead.  So it’s no shock that these motherfu*kers can write songs and play them with passion, power, and drive.  I had high expectations when the promo reached me, and the album basically met them all.  Their songs a mix of the genres that made rock and roll what it is today: Garage, rockabilly, punk, blues, and country.  The heart of rock and roll is still beating.  Right here.

For fans of: Chuck Berry, The Kinks, Nobunny, retrorock, garagepunk, and good friggin music.

Love Don’t Need a Reason (direct link)

Throwing Away (direct link)

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