KOTCHY-Baggy Spandex

Kotchy is super cool.

Kotchy samples Don McLean and Elvis Costello.

Kotchy also samples a lot of other artists, like Neil Young and Billy Joel, but it’s often so subtle you can’t quite tell who he’s biting off.

Kotchy isn’t offended if you call his Baggy Spandex release a mash up.

Kotchy knows it’s so much more than just a mash up.

Kotchy says he made it from a bag of records he found in the trash because he thought the records looked like they would belong to the the secretary from Ghostbusters.

Kotchy saw someone running down the street wearing baggy spandex shorts when he found the aforementioned albums.

Kotchy is kinda weird, in a cool/retro way.

Kotchy is from Brooklyn.

Kotchy’s name was given to him by his granma (isn’t that sweet?).

Kotchy doesn’t have a band–it’s just him.

Kotchy’s Baggy Spandex is truly awesome, and probably pretty different from anything you’ve heard before.

Kotchy’s Baggy Spandex might just be the best free album of the year.

Kotchy will let you have it for free by clicking here.

Kotchy tastes like this:Norman Costello

Kotchy also has lots of other free stuff here.

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