COMMON GRACKLE-The Great Depression

Common Grackle aren’t the first rappers to name an album “The Great Depression.”  Remember DMX?  Remember when he used to be good, and then he came out with a horrible wannabe Tupac song about his Grammaw?  That was from his Great Depression.

So it’s a compliment when I say that Common Grackle are no DMX.  What they are, though, isn’t exactly clear.

Their songs sometimes sound a like a joke (“I don’t wanna die/At the Grindcore show”), and other times sound like indie club pop (the title track), and still other songs sound like the kind of weird hip hop pioneered by Kool Keith.  Especially since Mr. Keith himself appears on the album.

The album is the product of a cross-country collaboration, much like Postal Service began.

Except they’re from Canada.

Check it out.

The Great Depression (Featuring Ceschi)

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