Until September 13, 2010, the fine folks at Mighty Fine are offering to my readers 25% off any order!  You have to mention the code “doomrainbow”–but it’s damn worth it.  Check it:

I dug it so much, I got one for m’self.  Also got a bunch of cool shirts for the fam . . . Like this Charlie Brown one . . .

The shirts are well made.  I’ve washed ’em twice already and no bleeding, no fading, no ruining the other clothes they were washed in.  That’s always a big plus because so many internet T-Shirt places use cheap materials or decals.

The folks at we love fine were good and responsive, and the stuff came superfast.  I’m highly recommending that you go check the site out.

Oh, and they’ve got a Galactus shirt.

I’ve never seen a Galactus shirt before.

My 9-year-old was psyched as hell.  Remember: 25% off until 9/13, using the codeword

doomrainbow.  SEE?  It pays to read Berkeley Place!

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