Finally!  This week’s rapid fire news about the best super-medium: Print!  Not too much to say about it all this week though . . . And mostly Superman/Batman news.

– The final issue of the D.C. title, “Superma/Batman” will be #75, and it will feature major talent including Frank Quietly, Paul Levitz, Jerry Ordway, Peter Tomasi, Gene Ha, David Finch, J.T. Krul, Francis Manapul, Brian Azzarello, etc.  If you’re curious—and I am–I’d recommend you buy the single issue because this title has sucked juice out of dead baby bottoms for years, so you don’t want to waste $15 on the trade paperback.

– Jeff “Sweet Tooth” Lemire will be writing a new Superboy series.

– John “Chew” Layman’s first foray into Marvel comics was the Shadowland: Bullseye one off.  It sucks.  Too bad, because Chew is fantastic.

– The king of weird Batman tales, Grant Morrison, has said that after Bruce Wayne is done with his (interminable) “return” series, we’ll see him recuire new Batmen over the course of a year’s worth of “Batman, Inc.” stories.  While I enjoy Morrison’s “Batman and Robin” series, the miniseries “The Return of Bruce Wayne” has been dull and, it appears, meaningless.  Batman, Inc., will feature a team of Batty guys that will include Dick Grayson, Knight and Squire, and El Guacho.  Morrison says that the book will be one, long Batman story.  Sounds like something to buy in trade, then, as is true with most of Morrison’s work.  (It usually doesn’t make sense until you’re several issues deep, and by then you can’t remember what happened earlier.)  Oh, and Morrison is bringing the little yellow chest circle back, so there’s that . . .

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