TV news–Rapid fire style!

– In 2011, G4 will be running a new Iron Man “anime” animated series, produced by anime studio MadHouse.  It will take place in Japan.

– Other upcoming Marvel anime projects discussed by Jeph Loeb at Comicon International included Wolverine, X-Men, and Blade.

– D.C./Warner Bros. Animation announced a November 9 DVD release of animated “shorts” (10-20 minute stories) featuring Superman, Captain Marvel, The Spectre, Green Arrow and Jonah Hex.

– Also from D.C. on November 9 will be the Secret Origin: The Story of D.C. Comics DVD release.  It’s a doc narrated by Ryan “Green Lantern” Reynolds about the history of the publishing company.  But it’s also produced by the publisher, so don’t expect unbiased poop.  Sounds more like promotional material in advance of the GL movie.

– And Smallville is definitely ending this season.  And it’s about time.

– The AMC official bloggers are working overtime on news about The Walking Dead.  Now, the artist of the comic, Charlie Adlard, is confirmed as a zombie extra.  I hope he plays one that dances like Michael Jackson.

– Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the new Spider-Man will be a complete reboot based on Brian Michael Bendis’ incredible Ultimate Spider-Man series for Disney XD.  Now, they’re talking Ultimate Cartoon as well, with the involvement of Eisner/Emmy winner Paul “Batman TAS” Dini (and Bendis, of course).  They’ve said there will be lots of team-ups (a la Batman: Brave and the Bold).  I don’t think there’s even the remotest possibility that this could be bad.

– One last thing: I happened to come upon the pilot episode for The Amazing Screw-On Head (a 22-minute cartoon based on the Mike Mignola/Dark Horse comic from 2002).  It’s brilliant.  Really.  It’s available on DVD and all of you should see it.  Animation for grown ups.
-I lied–one more last thing: The Avengers!

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