Have you ever experienced a frustrating “postdata” message on your screen?  I have.  Yet, until I received a CD submission by a band with that name, it never occurred to me to find out exactly what “postdata” is.  The definitions I uncovered weren’t all easy to understand, but basically it refers to information that was on a page and will be re-sent to a Web server when the user navigates to another page.  Doesn’t tell me much about what to expect from the band, other than this is some kind of computer dealie.

But the band Postdata is as far from computerized as possible.  The brainchild of singer/songwriter Paul Murphy, this is a quiet album. It is mostly acoustic, with occassional swells, a collection of gentle songs created as a sideproject from Murphy’s regular band, Wintersleep, and performed with his brother, Michael.  It will be released on January 26 on Sonic Records.  It’s very solid stuff–I recommend it.

Tobias Grey

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