YOYA – Self Titled EP

Here’s what I love most about being a music blogger: I get to go from listening to the murky underworld of Raekwon’s Cuban Lynx 2 to the sublime, ethereal sounds of Los Angeles’ Yoya.  Vocally, lead singer Alex Pfender sounds like Ben Gibbard imitating Jeff Buckley: He’s got a light touch, smooth and kind.  Musically, the debut EP is a few shades to the center of Radiohead: Moody and soaring, but accessible.  I particularly enjoyed “The Moon and the Shore,” with its time changes and guitar-drum-vocal interplay.  This EP is definitely worth your time.

The Moon and the Shore


All Apologies (Nirvana)-Ben Gibbard

Chopsticks (Liz Phair Cover)-Ben Folds

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