Random thoughts on neat stuff . .

1. I posted some Big Star covers a while back. Covered In Folk, the best blog that refused to trade links with me, outdid me. Here.

2. When the Devil’s Gone-AA Bondy. Title track from the new record.

3. It’s official. (500) Days of Summer is the second best movie of the year so far.

4. I don’t usually listen to leaks or post about major labels, but Blueprint 3 has sprung so many leaks it’s flooding the net. My first impressions: Very, very disappointing. Jay-Z may be over. Jeff, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote a funny review for the LA Times. My favorite part is what he had to say about the song “Real as it Gets (ft. Young Jeezy)”:

This feels like a shameless shill to get Southern rap fans to buy the album, lured by the promise of a Young Jeezy cameo. When used properly, Jeezy’s gravelly timbre can produce earthshaking force; but on “Real,” the result is both rappers abandoning their gritty street raps for self-worshiping ennui. It’s hard to blame them; it’s tough to stay hungry when you have a personal chef.

This makes me very sad, as Hova used to be the best bar none.

5.  The “k” just fell off my laptop keyboard.  I need a new laptop!

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