1.  Cover Me has another cover of an entire classic record.  This time, he does Highway 61 Revisited, featuring covers by The Waterboys, Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Levon Helm . . . It leans heavy on the classic rock this time around.

2.  I liked last year’s releases from The Cool Kids, but I was never a huge fan.  Still, I recognize that many of you probably were, so I’m passing along the information that you can cop their new mixtape, Gone Fishing, at their website for free.  Here’s a couple tastes:


Takin’ a Break (Cut it up).

3.  Dr. Mooney is doing a Bob Dylan giveaway, and he’s posted a bunch of cool Dylan covers, including one by Jim James.  Check it out.

4.  Finally, the LA Times’ great comics blog has an interview with the dude who thought up The Joker!  Check it out!

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