1.  Another fellow covers blogger, Cover Freak, has a collection of  “I Will Survive” covers.  He’s got a lot of good ones, but he’s also missing this great one:

I Will Survive (R.E.M.) (Live) (YSI)

2.  Egg City Radio has a bunch of shows by the brilliant and dead Mitch Hedberg. If you’ve never heard him before, you need to.  One of the funniest standups ever.

3.  All Things Go has a mixtape up.  You’ll find Fleet Foxes, Starfucker, Animal Collective . . . A very good sampler of what’s hot in most of the blogs besides this one.  My blog is sucky and lacks taste.  Go check out what you need to listen to if you wanna be cool.

4.  Passion of the Weiss has an extraordinary post breaking down Jay-Z’s greatest album, Reasonable Doubt, revealing the sample sources.  Truly awesome.

5.  Aquarium Drunkard is giving away Avett Brothers tickets.

6.  Ryan is screening M. Ward’s cover of Roll Over Beethoven.

7.  Oh, and speaking of mixes, Motel De Moka can always be counted on for a nice one.  This post is no different.

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