BLIND FAITH OF THE ’90s (WATT, GROHL, VEDDER, SMEAR) (repost by request)

I don’t usually take requests here, but I’ve probably gotten a dozen e-mails for this one and, since I’m on a new site, what the heck.

Plus, it’s great.  This is a May 6, 1995, Mike Watt show, with Dave Grohl on drums, some guitar, and backup vocals; Eddie Vedder on guitar and vocals, Pat Smear on guitar and vocals, and drummer William Goldsmith.  It’s the Blind Faith/Cream/supergroup of grunge!

Some tastes then a zip.
01 Walking the Cow (Daniel Johnston cover)
02 Big Train
03 Formal Intro (fIREHOSE)
04 Against the 70’s
05 Drove up from Pedro
06 Habit (Pearl Jam)-Vedder on vocals
07 Makin’ the Freeway (fIREHOSE)
08 Chinese Firedrill
09 Piss-Bottle Man
10 Forever – One Reporter’s Opinion
11 E-Ticket Ride
12 Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Minutemen)
13 Coincidence is Either Hit or Miss
14 The Red and the Black (Blue Oyster Cult)
15 Secret Garden (Madonna)
16 Powerful Hankering (fIREHOSE)


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