WAX FANG-“La La Land”

It’s hard to describe the sound of Louisville, Kentucky’s Wax Fang. There are traces of classic rock of the arena-sound style, with drama and lots of shouting and chanting. But there’s also a decidedly indie, darkly offbeat side to the band. Much like My Morning Jacket, whose lead singer digs the band, but without the echoey, haunting vocals. In Wax Fang, lead singer Scott Carney has a more “regular” voice for indie rock (recalling The Walkmen, for example). Couple the music, the voice, and wild styles, and the vast differences between songs, and you’ve got a great album that never sits still. The stand-out track is “Can You See The Light?”, an anthem that ends as abruptly as it begins, and “Oh, Recklessness,” a brief acoustic number that recalls Cat Stevens.

And the album cover is startling.

The band’s second album is on their artist-run label, Don’t Panic Records. D.I.Y. As indie as you can be.

For fans of: Lou Reed, My Morning Jacket.

Can You See the Light?


100% (Sonic youth cover)

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan)

The Wizard (Black Sabbath)

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