THE BEATLES COVERS . . . A to C (A to Z part one)

Can you believe I haven’t done this already? Shame on me! The Fab Four’s pedigree needs no introduction. Easily the most influential, most talented, and least timeless rock-and-roll band of all time. I’m going to do this the way I handled all three Neil Young A to Z posts: I’ll make each post, then do a zip at the end. Hopefully, I’ll remember to put all the songs listed in the zip, but you never know. I’m kinda fergitful. Note: The zip will NOT HAVE ANY OF THE DIRECT LINK FILES.

Y’all know the rules of the blog: Songs must be non-commercial live material or by independent artists. Let’s do this.

A is for All You Need Is Love! Who, these days, would dare to write a song with a title like this (and that doesn’t have any crude references to tits or slippery sliding).

Rogue Wave version.

Twilight Singers version.

B is for Birds! If you stare at Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” while listening to the original Blackbird, from The White Album, the painting moves. I swear it. It’s not just the 3 mics of acid.

Blackbird (live)-Foo Fighters

Blackbird-Bonzai Republic (remix)

And Your Bird Can Sing-Matthew Sweet and Susannah Hoffs (in zip file). I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Under The Covers Volume 1 is an extraordinary album. It is one of the few covers albums that is so good, you barely notice it’s not originals.

B is also for the best song about birthdays that isn’t the most famous song about birthdays.

Birthday/Yer Blues-The Gourds (direct link)

Birthday-Small Stars (direct link)

C could be for Cornershop’s wonderful cover of Norwegian Wood, but that’s a major label release. So, instead, C is for Come Together-Bela Fleck (direct link). I also recommend Shinehead’s “Unity,” which uses the chorus from “Come Together” on the hook. Great reggae/rap album.

Tomorrow: More.

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