THE DIGGS-“Ctrl-Alt-Del”

It’s not clear why Brooklyn’s fine indie rock outfit The Diggs named their second album after the keyboard command to lock a PC, but it’s not altogether unfitting. The album, like The Diggs first, has certain monotony to it—as if it is frozen in a particular mode. In this case, that mode would be midtempo baritone. The effect can be hypnotic. Unlike The Editors, who seem to use a similar style but with a more instigative goal, The Diggs seem content to plug in, hit record, and just jam out.

This being their sophomore release, there’s reason for concern that the band will be unable to hit the standards of their first release, one of my picks for best album of 2005. But Ctrl-Alt-Del generally finds the band as soothing and haunting as before. As for changes in style, there aren’t many, except that the mix seems to favor the drums more this time. It would have been nice if the band had been able to branch out a bit (they’ve had three years to record this, after all), but I’m not going to complain overmuch. This is a solid record for fans of indie rock.

One thing: Why their Sonic Bids online press kit is deactivated just a week before the release of their new album is beyond me. On Sugar Spun records.

UPDATE: I’m told the Sonic Bids account was deleted because the band doesn’t have enough cash to sustain it.  Go buy their records, guys, and go to their shows!  Support indie artists!

. . . And in the End Shoot Back

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And from their first album:

Minimum Safe Distance

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