10 REASONS NOT TO READ MY BLOG (a.k.a.–The Shout Out Post)

1. The Black Keys are offering a free live 4-song EP for download at their myspace page! It’s got my favorite song of theirs, “10AM Automatic.”

2. Tons of Counting Crows bootlegs here.

3. Nerd Litter picks his top 10 albums of the half-year. He’s also got some really cool graffiti art sprinkled through other posts. Well worth checking out his blog. But for the top ten list, I agree more with this guy.

4. Shitloads of Smashing Pumpkins here.

5. Motel de Moka never fails to satisfy.

6. Bloggers, legal watchers, and similar nerds might find this tale of Merge records interesting. The record companies are just dying to die out. Fuckers.

7. TV Themes for download!

8. Passion of the Weis turns his unusually good writing skillz on the new Pharoahe Monch record.

9. Dozens. No. Over a hundred of Clash Bootlegs!

10. Aquarium Drunkard makes me want to be a better blogger.

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