THE BEST OF 2007 . . . SO FAR. Pt. I: BEST EPs

This week, I was asked to guest blog on Break Thru Radio. You can find me there, by going to their site and clicking on “Articles.” But what you’ll find is also what’s here, pretty much.

Anyway, being asked to entertain their readers, I thought, what should I do? Well, y’all know my penchant for listing, so that’s what I did. I’ve made lists of the best of ’07 so far. Our first category:


In no particular order.

1. ILLINOIS-What the Hell Do I Know.

Opening cut, “Alone Again,” isn’t a Gilbert O’Sullivan cover. It’s not a Calexico cover, either. It’s an original. Wholly original. Tender and melancholy, the song sets the stage for the banjo-driven electronica tune(!), “Nosebleed,” featuring screaming through distortion and quite Beck-ish. Nosebleed, in turn, sets you up for the piano-and-guitar simplicity of “What Can I Do For You,” which in turn gives way to the acoustic-meets-fuzz of “Screendoor,” the best cut on the EP. T-Rex meets Beck meets The Foo Fighters meets Postal Service meets . . . Well, you get the idea. It’s an unrepentant amalgam of pop and rock.

The most fun EP of the year so far.

Screen Door-Illinois.

Full review here.

2. SEA WOLF-Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low

Sea Wolf may be the newest most important band in the indiesphere, if I have anything to say about it. You *must* check this out. It will change your life, curl your hair, and make you a better person.

You’re a Wolf-Sea Wolf.

Full review and more mp3s here.

3. BABY TEETH – We Live Here

Bobby Conn, Kelly Hogan and others stop by to help out Chicago’s own Baby Teeth, who released this collection of (mostly) covers on-line for free earlier this year. The fresh and novel take on Liz Phair’s Six-Foot-One alone is worth the (free) price of admission. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available.

Full review here.

4. EARL PICKENS-Turn on the Radio.

I’m gonna go off the reservation here and pick a country EP off of a Brooklyn label(!), Kill Buffalo Records.

Earl Pickens has made a really solid record. It’s got down home lyrics that really mean something, fine musicianship, and a great beat you dance to. Why ask for anything more?

Moon, You Know Why-Earl Pickens

Take Away My Wristwatch-Earl Pickens


Axl Rose does indie rock. ‘Nuff said.

The Box-ECC.


Full review here.

Tune in tomorrow for another list!

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