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THE TOP 10 INDIE EPs (and a few singles) OF 2013

Misun rocking out

One of the best parts of running this blog for over ten years has been getting my small readership of about a thousand souls to hear stuff they probably won’t hear anywhere else. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t review RIAA material–they have the resources to reach you through regular commercial means. Smaller artists and independent labels don’t have that power.

And EPs are even smaller: Artists who are trying to get out there, get noticed, and share only the very best of their catalogs. These are the ones I liked the most this year.

I’ll be posting my “best albums” in December.

10.  Tonstartssbandht-Russian Tour Tape

Review and stream here.

9.  Los Waves-Got a Feeling

Review and free songs here.

8. The Dirty Nil-Summer Mixtape 2: Covers

More delicious, dirty, aggravating punk rock. It was good, but you’ll have to take my word for it because the band has already taken it down off Bandcamp. I’m not sure why they do that, but it’s very aggravating.  Review.

7. Ash Reiter-Night Moves (Bob Seger Cover)

I’m not doing a big feature on covers this year, but Ash Reiter’s tremendous voice and soulful take on this Bob Seger classic had to get mentioned.

6. e-dubble-Big Ships/Plan A

A/B singles from one of my favorite indie rappers.

5. Jim Hickey-Railings

Three short songs showcasing an edgier update to the breathy, Al Stewart sounds of the last 1970s.

4. Ike-Bello

This got on my list on the strength of the driving funk of “Your Face Is On” and stays on because of the jammy, classic rock hit feel of Julie July.

3. Mantrakid-Xenochrony

It’s a 30 minute beats/samples record, I’m sure it’s illegal, and it’s fucking Zappa as Hell. Frank would have loved it.

2. Panama-Always

The mixture of electronica and AM radio pop sounds a little like Jim Hickey (above), but Panama’s music has more of an epic feel. Listen to it twice and you’ll want to keep it forever.

1. Misun-Summer Bootlegs

Much of this is remixed from 2012, but since I didn’t even hear of Misun until this year, I’m listing it. They’re amazing.


DIRTY NIL-Zombie Eyed

I love these motherfuckers so much I gave them their very own Berkeley Place tag. And normally, I post their songs before I even hear them. But this time I listened first.

Zombie Eyed is another blazing, screaming punk rock song. It’s what they do best. No, it’s not a stretch, but who needs to stretch when you can bang out a song that kicks ass?

And it’s free.



My blog has become a bit of a Bandcamp celebration this year, what with the RIAA cracking down hard on anyone posting even label-sanctioned mp3s or streams. But I don’t go Bandcamp fishing for that reason, really–or at least not for that reason alone. I do it because there are so many great little bands to be discovered–so many artists who deserve a little love and free publicity.

Here’s the ten best ones I found this year, after the break…


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