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Panels from the world’s best comics


Logan’s Run was a movie, and Marvel got the rights to do a comic based on it. Randomly, in issue #6, someone who wasn’t Jim Starlin got to write a Thanos back up story that had no relevance to anything at all.

Very odd.

But at least we got to see the great Mike Zeck draw the mad titan.


MARVEL TWO IN ONE ANNUAL #2: The Death of Thanos!


We saw Thanos seem to succumb to death a while back, but it wasn’t really a clear death. Since then, Thanos has appeared in a few panels but really what we’ve been reading about is Adam Warlock’s attempts to get in Thanos’ way.  In this annual, we get to see Big T throw down against the entire Avengers team (plus Thing and Spider-Man), and finally meet his maker as he is transformed into a granite statue.

Most people remember Marvel Two-In-One for its fight scenes.  And seeing Thanos get his ass kicked is, indeed, very cool.  But this annual was also significant because in it, Thanos died again.  For realsies this time…


Kinda like what they did to Wolverine at the end of this year’s “Death of Wolverine,” eh? This was supposed to be the “death” of Thanos, but anyone who saw Han Solo freed from his carbonite prison knew this wasn’t the end.

But as for Warlock, final death seemed possible…Except for the fact that we already knew he wasn’t really dead—he was contained in the Soul Gem. The fact that the gem was shattered in this issue doesn’t seem all that convincing, does it?


Still, great cosmic stuff. Marvel doesn’t make “important” comics like this anymore because everything seems to be a threat to the universe and existence itself. Back in the 1970s, you could see a whole storyline about Spider-Man fighting a mugger.


AVENGERS ANNUAL #7: The Death of Adam Warlock


Continuing from Warlock #15, we see Gamora die (we still don’t know she’s the daughter of Thanos), and Adam Warlock enlisting the help of Earth’s mightiest heroes to stop Thanos’ maniacal plan!

There’s actually very little of the Mad Titan in this story, which ends with Warlock “dying” by joining his friends Pip and Gamora inside the Soul Gem…


But the storyline against Thanos is to be continued in Marvel Two In One Annual #2!

Next: MARVEL TWO IN ONE ANNUAL #2: The Death of Thanos!



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