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Panels from the world’s best comics



Starlin reimagines Thanos’ goals from abstract imperialism (“I will rule the universe!) to his role as a servant of death.  Science has reduced disease and other natural methods of population control, so Thanos will bring death her due.



thanos silver surfer 34
This is where things get really good. No, scratch that. Really awesome. The only thing that could have improved Jim Starlin’s return to the character he created would have been if he’d done the art. But Ron Lim did a fine job.

This is the first time Silver Surfer met Thanos, and the arc would be the best-written Surfer story of all time (or at least one of the best).  It had a balance between the tragic self-importance characteristic of all Surfer tales and humor.  Yes, humor.

Keep reading and you’ll see!




Okay, when we last aw Thanos he was a statue.  In “The Death of Captain Marvel,” Marvel’s first original graphic novel and the one that proved that a large-size, long-form comic could not only sell but sell extremely well, we ambiguously see Thanos appear in the bedroom of the dying Captain Marvel.


Everyone knows by now that Marv-Vell was dying of cancer, and the book is basically his crossing over into death.  It’s fitting that Thanos, Captain Marvel’s greatest opponent, is there to help him across.IMG_7978

If you haven’t read this book, you really should.  Even if you don’t like Thanos (although if you don’t like Thanos, why are you reading this post?)–and even if you don’t like cosmic stories. It’s a powerful tale, and an excellent representation of the comic medium.

Jim Starlin, at the top of his game.


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