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Panels from the world’s best comics


IMG_7799We get a great, conscious parody of the (self) importance of this #1, with a reference to Giant Size X-Men #1, the single most important mutant comic of all time and probably the most influential comic of the 1970s. But that was not enough! We also get our first Doop solo story!

Technically, the team still doesn’t have a name. With her dying breath, U-Go Girl whispered a name to Mister Sensitive, but we the readers don’t know what it is yet. Although, based on the new title of the book, we can all guess….


X-FORCE #129: The Final Issue


IMG_7795X-Force ended because so many fans were pissed that their black op X-Men mag had been turned into its exact opposite: A brightly colored team that was in the spotlight, public, and all about making money off being heroes.  But before she died, Edie whispered the name of the new team into the ear of the team leader, and her boyfriend, Mister Sensitive.

And you’ve got to love Mike Allred’s covers in this series.  This one in particular….

Anyway, nothing to fear.  X-Statix got its own book the very next month.


X-FORCE #128: “Someone Dies”


So far, this is my single favorite issue of this groundbreaking series.  The title, “Someone Dies,” is wholly believable.  Milligan and Allred started X-Force by killing off the team’s leader, and one other character, in the very first issue.  It was clear that nobody was safe.

But in this issue, it’s never clear who is going to die.  And the story plays with this concept, from the get-go, with this dice roll to determine who will stay behind and face certain death in space to save the others.


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