Birmingham rap producer/performers Nerves Baddington have been bubbling up for a long time, and … I doubt the magnificent Macro/Micro double-album will be the thing that breaks them through.
Why? Because it’s too smart to be popular.

A Nerves Baddington album is truly an album–a combination of sounds and themes that must be experienced as a single meal. Macro/Micro are two interconnected albums that mirror each other–with the first song on Macro bouncing off (but not remixing) the final song on Micro. Yeah, it’s high concept–and hard for casual rap fans to attach to. And the songs themselves are thick and dense–full of content, asking questions and pushing boundaries.

And speaking of the songs themselves, they’re very good. Each member of the group has a chance to shine so we don’t get something that is this challenging that is also repetitive. It keeps you guessing, stays interesting throughout, and yet still coheres in toto.

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