WET LEG by WET LEG (2022)

“Pour me another drink/Don’t want to have to think/I think I lost my shit/Some kinda fucked up drink/But I kinda like it ’cause/It Feels like being in love…”

By now you’ve heard “Chaise Lounge” a bunch of times and if it hasn’t inspired you to get Wet Leg’s debut, I really can’t help you.

“I don’t wanna meet your girlfriend. I hope you choke on your girlfriend.” Line after line. Riff after riff. Wet Leg deliver and leave you wanting more.

The band’s debut is getting hyped to the rafters and, yeah, an indie-minded guy can get turned off by that. (Yes, Domino releases lots of music with the indie sound, but they’re solid members of the RIAA.). But it’s impossible to be mad.

This is about as good as it gets. It’s hook-y sexy, funny, charming, and a great listen end to end.

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