Jesse Malin is a force to be reckoned with. He’s had at least four careers (as a hardcore singer, the leader of D Generation, a thriving solo career, and a DJ on satellite radio). He’s worked with legends like Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, and Ryan Adams. He’s recorded Clash and Hold Steady covers that equal the originals.

And now he’s released a double album that doesn’t have a single dud track. Unheard of!

This album gets my absolute highest recommendation. The first half, roots rock, is all slower (mostly acoustic) ballad songs–beautiful, and often with country hues. The second disk rocks harder–but only a by a little. Malin’s signature sound is somewhere between indie and Americana, and the entire record is true to that vibe.

The whole album clocks in at just about an hour and is all originals except for one very well selected Tom Petty cover…

Again: Highest recommendation.

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