ALBUMS OF THE WEEK: Little Oblivions by Julien Baker, Payroll Giovanni/Cardo, and Bones Owens

This week, the theme is consistency. Three great artists, three very different styles of music, three new albums that are consistent with their prior works and that DO NOT disappoint. Check ’em out:

Julien Baker is one of those new female singer-songwriters that the web world pushes you to like, but what makes her work different is that I actually liked it before I was forced to! Her songwriting is both accessible and personal, her music both crisp pop and something more contemplative. This is her third album, and she’s still going on strong. Nothing here will make you scratch your head and wonder why–you’ve heard Baker do this before, and it’s always good. Exactly what you’d expect, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Standouts: Heatwave, Relative Fiction, Bloodshot.

Bones Owens is pretty much what you’d expect from a dude with a name like that: Bar-band rock and roll with an Americana flavor. The songs are well-written, catchy, and straight-ahead.

Like Julien Baker’s album, Owens won’t shock you. But do you really pick up an album by a dude in a cowboy hat if you’re looking for surprises? Probably not. This is album to put on and just drive.

Standouts: White Lines, Lightning Strike, Good Day.

Last but def not least: Detroit’s Payroll Giovanni joins forces again with West Coast producer Cardo. Giovanni’s style is definitely Detroit, but he’s also got a flow that recalls Too Short–but less crude and stressing street deals over pimping.

Giovanni is a skilled rapper for sure, but he’s never better than with he’s paired with Cardo. Each brings out the best in each other.

Another winner from this pair. Loved this album.

Standouts: Make It Look Easy, It’s Around, Forever Flow.

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