ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Felt 4 U…And a few other great, recent rap albums!

Slug and Murs are back again, this time with a family-oriented, positive-vibe, politically woke collection of 12 song. As always, the emphasis is on wordplay–clear enunciation, minimal profanity (only when it’s appropriate!), tributes to the greats (like Prince!), and being authentic. Aunthenticity is at the heart of the album’s strongest single, Hologram (featuring The Grouch and Aesop Rock), but the words ring true throughout

A very strong album from two of the most original, underrated rappers in the game–with every bar showing their collected half-a-century in the game, mastering the craft.

Runner Up: Nyck Caution’s latest EP is damn good, especially “Margot Robbie.”

Also, Marlowe (L’Orange) is back. The first Marlowe album was excellent. This one is still full of MF DOOMish sound collages, but it’s not quite as good. Still a solid record though–you won’t go wrong giving it a listen.

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