Biggest Disappointments of the Year

I waited anxiously for these films, only to get…These films.

The Kitchen
Hobbs and Shaw
Captain Marvel
Child’s Play
Pet Semetary
Zombieland: Double Tap


This list is NOT about art.  It’s about movies I liked that I saw last year.  And, Marty, it’s ALL “cinema.”  From least-best to most-best.

20. The Brink.  This Steve Bannon doc didn’t give us anything new, but he’s an endlessly fascinating asshole.

19. Midsomar and The Lighthouse.  I’m including these because they’re obviously good–and I get that they’re arty. And very well acted.  But they seemed pretty overrated to me.  I mean, yeah, they make the list–but I’ve seen them towards the top of lots of other folks’ lists.

18. Booksmart and Good Boys.  The Superbad rip-offs are getting a little predictable, but these were good.

17. Skin.  An award-winning short is turned into a full length film about a white supremacist and his family.

16. Crawl.  A B-horror movie that had alligators terrorizing a town.  Awesome!  Way, way better than it should have been.  A similar movie was Ma, which I liked a lot but isn’t in my top 20.

15. Deadwood.  One of the best HBO series of all time came back for a couple hours.

14. Dolemite is My Name.  A Netflix drama about a B-movie legend.

13. The Apollo.  HBO doc about the legendary theater, with incredible footage.

12. American Son.  Another Netflix entry.  It’s basically a play, but it’s powerful and moving.

11. Westside vs. The World.  A documentary about the famous West Side bodybuilding gym.  Fascinating.

10. Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood.  Not Tarantino’s best, but that ending…Wow.  And maybe Leo will finally…win…a…Naaaaah.

9. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.  This film series keeps getting better.

8. Joker.  More a character piece than a movie, but the acting is amazing.  I can’t believe a DC movie made my list–first time since Nolan.

7. Luce.  Tough to watch, tougher to reconcile when it’s over.

6. Spider-Man: Far From Home.  So much fun!

5. Us.  I liked this more than Get Out. I realize I’m alone in this.

4.  Marriage Story.  Maybe it’s because I’m going through a divorce this year, but man did this resonate.

3. Parasite.  A quiet black comedy that takes a really, really dark turn two-thirds of the way through.

2. Avengers: Endgame.  The movie I waited my whole life to see.

1. Honey Boy.  A revelation.  Brilliant.  Powerful.  Amazing.

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