ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The Light Between by Anna Rose

Of all the new albums I heard this week, I liked this one best.

Anna Rose’s new album is song after song burning anthems. Think KT Tunstall playing Bonnie Raitt with the darker sensibilities of Amanda Shire. Every verse, every chorus has punching power–her voice is full of passion and while guitars and drums sizzle underneath, grinding and crunching, barely able to keep up.

Even the slower cuts burn hot. A most excellent record. Here she is at Paste Studios, playing several songs live and discussing them…

I guess you’d call this “country,” but it feels more like rock and folk. Although, what does genre mean in this day and age anyway?


Cody Jinks, After the Fire. The country singer is independent of major labels again, and his writing is better than ever on an album that feels both traditionally country and unconventional at the same time. Best cuts: After the Fire, Ain’t a Train, Someone to You.

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