This album is not what expected. Frankly, I don’t know I could have expected it. Glasgow’s Nieves look like a punch of postpunk hipsters, but the opening track to “Exist and Expire” is a gentle, moody, introspective cut. And then the title track is launched, and I’m thinking, “Adele would totally sing this.” Except she wouldn’t, because lyrically it’s so complex and so personal that only its author could do it justice. And even if she did sing it, she wouldn’t do it with a Scottish accent–a sound that gives it weight and depth to American ears.

Track after track, this album keeps throwing out gems–deep stuff that makes me want to listen again as soon as the track fades, but then right after it comes another one with the same impact.

You’ll hear a lot of influences in here–all modern. And even those aspects that are derivative are still worth hearing because, frankly, few people do it this well.

A most excellent album. Highly recommended.

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