If you never heard Ooouuu, let’s fix that problem right now.

Okay. So that came out in 2016. But it was a monster hit. So for her debut EP, Young M.A. offers it as a bonus track. And recalls it in the lead single, in a background moan…

Okay, but can she do more than that? Yeah. She’s kicked some mad raw freestyles…

Ok. But can she make an album? I don’t know. But Herstory is one Hell of an EP.

It’s got the bangers, like Hot Sauce, above. It’s got the thoughtful cut, JOOTD. It’s got her origin story, akin to B.I.G.’s Juicy, like Self MAde. A street romance (“Bonnie”).

This is pure fire. Her full-length debut is due this year, with no exact date announced yet.

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