NASIMOTO (Nas and Quasimoto remix) by DBEGUN

Is there any danger that NaS might be forgotten? I don’t really think so, and yet when I hear people talk about rap GOATs, all I hear about is Pac, Big, Hova. Maybe Em. But what about Nasir Jones?

One reason only true hop heads know him these days might be because his beats are pretty old school. He didn’t need a lot of sound FX or guest spots–Illmatic was almost all solo. So maybe DBegun’s project mixing NaS’ classic jams like “It Ain’t Hard to Tell,” “One Love,” and “Life’s a Bitch” over Madlib’s beats off Quasimoto (The Unseen) will help.

I really dig it, anyway. I like hearing a new take on some of my favorite rhymes.

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