BLACK ATLASS-Haunted Paradise

Okay, so this is not a record I expected to like. Nor is it one I expected to feature here. First of all, it’s on Fool’s Gold records, who are contributors to the RIAA, so for the purposes of my site, they’re a major label. And I don’t write about majors—this is an indie blog. I haven’t explained why in a little bit, so I’ll say this to anyone who is new here: The majors don’t need my help, and they’ve done all kinds of bullshit to my site for no reason. Like the time I posted a link to a Mika song that was hosted by a promoter, who sent it to me, and then the label threatened to sue me for doing it. Gr.

So, why Black Atlass here? Well, that’s were we get to “second of all.” Second of all, this is real rock and roll soul—R&B that isn’t afraid to be different, that isn’t afraid to be musical.

For fans of Terence Trent D’Arby, Nenah Cherry, and the like…This is a phenomenally good record.

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