MURS-Have a Nice Life

I’ve been a fan of Murs since “Murs is my Best Friend” dropped in 2001, and he always gets my eartention. His lyrics are always personal, but his newest album feels even more so. It’s a series of stories about himself and his friends living the street life, and it mixes between political protests against police brutality (“No More Control”), being a skateboarder (“Skatin’ Through the City”), trying to make it as a rapper instead of a drug dealer (on Anyways: “could have made a million flying birds up the interstate/iced out medallion the size of a dinner plate/if I don’t sell it to them/they gonna get it anyway”), and interracial romance (“Mi Corazon”). He’s not always the hero of the story, either. On “The Worst,” he seems to be blaming his mistress for bringing “the worst out of me,” when, of course, it’s really Murs who is cheating. “No side chick should have all this power,” he says, but also recognizes that he’s a “coward” who “doesn’t want to choose” between two women.

Another home run, Murs. Why this guy isn’t a bigger star is baffling.

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