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Posts made in January 29th, 2013


Superman fights Wonder Woman, who is trying to stop him from using the “vanishing device” on himself.
It’s no big shocker that the device is the Phantom Zone projector, even though Azzarello hasn’t told us that yet.  It was pretty easy to recognize it as such.  Again, the “big reveals” in this story are neat and all, but the real meat is in the dialog and the big ideas.  Here, Wonder woman threatens to kill Superman before Superman can vanish himself: Humanity needs its God on Earth, and is willing to kill God to keep him.  You could probably teach several college philosophy courses on this idea alone.
And, of course, Jim Lee’s great pencil work.  He did this right after Batman: Hush, when he was at the peak of his powers.

SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW PARTS 6 and 7 (Superman #209-210)

This is God-as-destroyer, and recalled, for me at least, Noah and the Great Flood.
An Earth-based God (the four elements) threatens to kill all humans, and Superman’s response is basically to say that he’d miss people, but he’d just go find another alien race to adopt as his own.  (I’ll see your genocide and raise you one global destruction.)
In other words, without Lois Lane, humans seem to mean much, much less to Superman.  This helps explain why he refuses to cure Father Leone’s cancer in #210…
Superman “says” that he won’t cure cancer because, if he was able to, humans would expect too much of him.  But is that really what’s going on here?  I mean, if he can then why not do it?  He’s already stopped wars and saved the universe hundreds of times.  In fact, he was out saving another galaxy—a million miles away—when Lois was vanished.


Mr. Orr—the human version of God in a story examining the meaning of power, God and faith, can cure Father Leone’s cancer.  This puts Daniel Leone in the classic position of Adam—tempted by the “Devil’s” cure.  Only in this book, it’s not clear that Superman is an all-positive
God, or that Orr is an all-evil Devil.  Orr tells Leone that Superman can cure his cancer, or Orr can.

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