THE TOP 5 EPs OF 2010

The best EPs of the year . . .  After the break.

Honorable mentions:

  • DJ Nphared-Red October.  Anything with Grynch is usually great, and “Air Max ‘Em,” the first song on the 4-song EP, is no exception–but the rest of it never gets quite as good.  It’s free here.
  • Zola Jesus-Stridulum. Rock that is the epitome of indie cool.


  • Cold War Kids-Behave Yourself.  I just love these creaky indie rockers.  (Review)
  • Black Rabbits-The Black Rabbits EP.  It’s rare to get comments on a blog, but my rave review of this band prompted three: Two negative, one positive.  But I stand by what I said: It’s not music that will change your life, it’s not fresh or innovative, but it’s solid, toe-tapping pops with great hooks and riffs that will stay in your head for days.  That’s what pop is supposed to do, people!  (Review)
  • Balam Acab-See Birds. Atmospheric instrumentals.

See Birds (Moon)

THE TOP 5 EPs OF 2010:

5.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.-Horse Power.  Light indie rock.  (Review)

4.  Haji P-Home Repair.  Rappers usually go for mixtapes, not EPs.  But like so many other things he does, Haji P does the biz his own way.  A truly great rapper who also released one of the top 20 albums of the year.  (Review)

3.  The Details-The Original Mark EP.  Alt-Country.  (Review)

2.  Farewell Summer-Joell Ortiz.  For the first time in years, a proper studio release by Ortiz is better than anything he dropped on a mixtape.  Ortiz is one of the best gangsta rappers alive, no doubt.

1.  Eureka Birds EP.   Indie psychedelia.  (Review)

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