Best EP of 2010, I have met thee, and thou art Eureka!  Eureka Birds are near my current home and not too far from my place of origin (they’re from Baltimore), and they’ve been around for a while now.  Indie pop is often like candy–it sounds good going in but it can’t sustain.  But to quote the Beastie Boys, “This is like having a delicious meal!”  You need to hear this EP.  Part psychedelic Beatles.  Part Beach Boys.  Part Wings. Trust me.  It’s available on Itunes, and you can taste a couple tunes below.  Support this band.  Seriously.  You won’t be sorry.

And I swear to God, “Cactus Man” sounds a lot like another song that’s on the tip of my brain and I just can’t hit it. Bonus points to the reader who helps me out here . . .

I dig ’em so much, I’m throwing some random covers at the bottom of this post to try to attract Hype Machine trawlers, hoping they’ll take the time to check this out as well . . .

That Mountain is a Volcano

Cactus Man


Jet (Paul McCartney and the Wings)-The Features

I’m Down (Beatles Cover)-The Beastie Boys

All Together Now (beatles)-Andre 3000

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