Adrian Champion “reimagines” the White Stripes here. Basically, this means he mashes the blues duo with guys like Jay-Z, Nas, OutKast, Mos Def, Biggie, Pac, and more. Neat stuff.

Cover Me has covers of every song on Springsteen’s Darkness at the Edge of Town record. Go here.

Jeff’s got a round-table review on Kanye’s My Dark Twisted Fantasy. I’m weighing in on the great-pop-rap side of the debate. I mean, it’s Kanye. You’re not expecting depth from the guy who Lupe Fiasco completely schooled on the issue of conflict diamonds, but then turned around and got diamond teeth, are you? It’s terrible, but it’s Hanson terrible. It’s shallow, but it’s Madonna’s first album shallow. You’ll hate yourself for loving how much you hate it. And you’ll forget it by next year. My favorite line from Jeff’s article: Danny Brown may have delivered the most succinct appraisal when he Tweeted, the Kanye album proved “I’m ADD like a muthafucka. Them some long ass songs. Do you really need that much time to say nothing. I like it, but I just won’t listen to it again.”

Peter Wolf Crier, a great new artist, recently did a downloadable set at Daytrotter.

Yelawolf–a sometimes-great mixtape rapper whose first album just dropped–gave an interview to Cocaine Blunts.

And don’t forget about the art giveaway–for the price of an e-mail addy, you could win original art from the Dexter comic! Go here.

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