You may already know some of this, but it’s worth repeating if you do . . .

1.  THE DEXTER COMIC. Bill Sienkiewicz—of Moon Knight, Elektra: Assassin and Stray Toasters, and one of the best comic book artists of the last century—will be doing a web-based motion comic about the earlier years of Dexter Morgan, with voicework by series star Michael C. Hall.

2.  JOSS AVENGERS. It’s confirmed: Joss “Buffy” Whedon will direct the Avengers movie.  Boo-ya.

3.  AND SPEAKING OF VAMPIRE SLAYERS . . . Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins plan to release the sequel to their terrific indie book Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer in time for Halloween.  Hooray!

4.  NEW MARVEL SERIES. At San Diego Comi-Con, Marvel let the world know that wants no money left on the table when the Captain America movie comes out next year.  In addition to the character’s appearances in Secret Avengers and his own book, as well as Steve Rogers’ presence in Avengers, Marvel will release “Captain America  and the Korvac Saga,” “Captain America: Hail Hydra,” “Captain America: Fighting Avenger,” and “Captain America: Man Out of Time.”  That last one will be by Mark Waid, one of the best writers in comics right now, and will take place right after Cap got thawed.  Sounds like the most interesting of the bunch, although the Korvac retcon has potential.  Oh, and Jeph Loeb said Captain America: White will finally be finished.  Too bad.  If it was being released years ago, before Jeph Loeb ate the suckification fruit, I would have been excited.  They also announced “Rocket Raccoon and Groo,” which I was excited about until I realized it was really “Rocket Raccoon and Groot.”  Now, not so much.

5.  WOLVERINE BEST THERE IS. Charlie Huston, who had an impressive run on Moon Knight a few years ago, will launch another Wolverine series, but this one actually sounds interesting.  It will have nothing to do with Wolverine’s past, and will pit him against The Unkillables: a new supervillain team consisting of several esoteric Marvel villains including Madcap.  (I remember when he fought Captain America back in the 1980s, and God, was he lame.)  The main villain will be a new character, Contagion, who is not susceptible to Wolverine’s form of slice-and-dice justice.  This one definitely has potential.  The art will be by Juan Jose Ryp, who has done some projects with Warren Ellis; Robocop with Frank Miller; and (get this) a graphic novel about the Vivid Girls.

6.  BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND BOLD WII GAME. I like the TV show.  It’ll be a fighting game, like Mortal Kombat, only funny.  Playable characters will include Robin, Guy Gardner or Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, and Bat Mite!  For the Wii it’ll be a 1- or 2-player game, but there will be a 1-player DS version.

That’s all!

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