VALENTIGER-Power Lines to Electric Times: GIVEAWAY!

So Valentiger‘s “Power Lines to Electric Times” is actually a 2009 release, but I’m just now getting my ears on it.  At first listen, I thought, “Eh.  A little Byrne, a little Neil Young, it’s pretty standard indie.”  But as I moved through the record, I heard a vulnerability and rawness that went beneath the lo-fi surface.  I found tunes that are catchy because they’re real, not because they’re trying to be hip.

Valentiger’s record is the cure for indiecool, the remedy for topically infectious music that tries too hard to have a real impact.

Check out a few tunes . . .

Leaving Town

Never Ready

. . . Or check out the whole album, and get a T-Shirt to boot!  This is a band that wants to be heard by you, dear readers!

To win a free copy of the CD and a T-Shirt:

Drop me a comment telling me why you deserve it.  The best answer will win.  Winner will be selected in 7 days, and I will send that winner an e-mail asking for his/her address.  So check your e-mail, because if you don’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll go on to the next-best answer.

Good luck!

Current Spring Tour Dates:
5/13 – Crofoot (Pontiac, MI)
5/14 – Boulder Coffee (Rochester, NY)
5/15 – Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
5/16 –  Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY)
5/17 – 5/21 TBA-Go here for info
5/22 – Annabell’s (Akron, OH)

Finally, don’t miss their field recordings project–videos of the band performing all the songs from Power Lines To Electric Times.


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  • Jules

    I deserve to win this because it’s my birthday friday (3/5) and I NEED new music! I’ve been in a new music slump lately! 😀

  • Ericlam

    I want one! Therefore I deserve one!

  • Jackbblack

    I deserve one because I actually have seen the band live

  • SteveN

    Can’t wait for the Rochester show!

  • dj jammy

    I’d like one, too! Because I’m cute!

  • Mark

    Nice work on the radio last night! Love me some Valentiger. mmm…

  • I think I truly deserve this T-Shirt and Album because even though I’ve only been to two shows, I’m a HUGE Valentiger supporter, and I live about Two hours North of them. I’m originally from their Area, and heard about them through a friend, Kurt Barber, the former drummer for the band “The Flowbs”.
    Some of the weirdest, hardest, and all together messed up times of my life since I came across this album, have been solved thanks to the burned copy of about Four of the Tracks (‘Aboveboard’, ‘Leaving Town’, ‘Never Ready’, and ‘Man on Fire’.)
    These guys have some really catchy music, and I really love it. I know I’m just another guy in the world, but having an Actual hard-copy of this CD would mean the world to me. 🙂

    Thanks for the Read – Austin