Well, they took another post of mine and I can’t figure out why. I no longer believe that this is the work of the RIAA. Someone out there just has it in for me. I can’t figure out who and, of course, Blogger won’t say anything about it because it is impossible to reach anyone at their help desk.

The post did not have a single protected work. It was indie artists, most of whom submitted to my site.

If this post disappears, I’ll really know something is wrong.

I may publish a few things I have already written over the next few days, but other than that, expect my site to be defunct for a few weeks while I figure out what to do next.

And if you are reading this, and you’re the one who is messing with me, please let me know why. I have made every effort to avoid distributing RIAA protected material. If you’re just someone that I offended, I wish you would just tell me. This is ridiculous.

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