Yes, cornerboys, it’s time for another giveaway! Trucks keep hitting that pothole I dug in the street, and stuff falls off the back. Today, it’s something pretty special — A tribute record with more stars than you can shake a stick at, from Elvis Costello to Sufjan; Björk to Emmylou Harris; and the standout cut, Prince’s take on “Case of You.”

How can you get a copy? Simple.

Drop me a comment with your e-mail address and the name of the band/artist/writer/whathaveyou who you think should be the subject of a tribute album. The one I agree with the most, wins.

Check your e-mail on June 15. If you don’t respond to my “you’re the winner” e-mail within
24 hours, I’ll go on and pick the next person.

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell Trailer (.mov)

“The Boho Dance” – Bjork (audio stream)

Free Man in Paris-Sufjan

The fine print:This is released on a label that buys into the RIAA (Nonesuch Records)—so those of you who think I’m a sellout, stop reading now. Or better yet, stop reading earlier. In response to a complaint received recently, I want to make sure you all know I do not (ever) get paid for my work here. The sole benefit is in swag (free CDs), the vast majority of which aren’t very good or are home-made burnjobs). I do this for the love, not for the cash, which his why I don’t accept ads. If I do a giveaway with an RIAA label, it’s because I think you all might want something for free, too. If they get publicity out of it, that’s okay with me because I still won’t promote anything I don’t think has value or merit.

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