ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Filth and Wisdom by The Medicine Dolls

In an obvious nod to one of punk’s grandfathers, The Sex Pistols, The Medicine Dolls have released an explosive new album with originals like “Covered In Filth” and “She Tastes Like Cocaine,” and covers of, oddly enough, two of the most influential avante garde bands of the ’80s: The Talking Heads and The B52s.

One of the most fun albums of the year–and that’s something punk needs, since most albums in this genre have plenty to be angry about.

And at the same time, it’s not mindless. I love the line in “A Good Chance of Bad Weather” that goes: “If broken hearts will fall apart alone/then why am I still drinking on my own?” And the smart genre-blending on “Mix My Medicine (I Need to Move),” which is more like garage psych than modern punk.

All in all, a terrific album!

Runner Up:

Tunng Presents: Dead Club is a really cool, folk-disco meditation about death. But it’s funnier than it sounds!

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