G.O.A.T.: THE TOP 30 KINKS SONGS PART TWO #15-1 (With Lots of Cover Versions!)

7.  Come Dancing (State of Confusion, 1982)
This song wasn’t a hit.  At least not at first, when it was released in England.  Can you believe it?  Then it crossed the pond and American ears made it the band’s biggest hit ever (tied with “Tired of Waiting for You”)—hitting #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The song’s narrator talks about his sister, whose suitors would take her to the dance hall, and it’s based on fact.  Rene Davies, sister to Dave and Ray, loved to go dancing—and even died of a heart attack at the Lyceum Ballroom.

This was the band’s last hit.

Covers: Petty Booka did a version, which is terrific, but it’s not hosted anywhere. So instead, here’s Matchbox 20…

6. Waterloo Sunset (Something Else by The Kinks, 1967)
A delicate and musically intricate song that watches a romantic meeting on a bridge.  Sweet and beautiful.

Covers: Dozens. Almost a hundred. So I’m sticking with the best known and/or best ones I know of…


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