SPEND YOUR WEEKEND UNDER THE COVERS! A Special “Weekends are For Singles” all-covers edition!

Kicking it off with Say Lou Lou’s breathy cover of the Bee Gees–don’t throw disco out, there’s good tunes in there! I love what she does with this song–she keeps the disco beat, but gives it a more modern sound…

In contrast, this cover completely changes the original–it’s almost unrecognizable, except for the lyrics.

And speaking of covers that sound nothing like the original, here’s Emily Wells’ take on Notorious BIG. I’m not sure it works, but it’s interesting to listen to.

Traveler has an entire album of covers out. Check out their take on Foo Fighters…

And finally, doing a great Prince cover is hard—‘cause the Purple One always made his songs perfect—but this one is damn fine. I guess it helps to pick a tune most people aren’t as familiar with…

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