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Posts made in January 9th, 2013


Superman and Wonder Woman had a daughter and they named her Lara. Like I’ve been saying, this really isn’t the Batman story that the title makes it out to be.

The perpectives in this panel are interesting, especially since the story itself turns around and around.



Picking the ten best Steve Gerber stories for this list was impossible. For one thing, much of his work is out of print and impossible to find. For another, there’s so much of it. So damn much!

Steve Gerber created many memorable characters, and even ones he didn’t technically create, he at least had a major formative influence: Howard the Duck; Korvac; Omega the Unknown; The Defenders; Son of Satan; and, of course, Man-Thing. And from Man-Thing you can extrapolate Swamp Thing, DC’s answer to Marvel’s muck monster. He focused on the off-beat, with storylines and characterizations that emphasized misfits and misfortune—rather than “super” heroes who could do no wrong. Even his big team book, The Defenders, was about a bunch of superheroes nobody wanted to include in The Avengers.

He’s a (posthumous) member of the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame and was nominated for dozens of Eagle Awards for his work on Howard the Duck and The Defenders. He was a writer and editor for Crazy Magazine—Marvel’s answer to Mad Magazine—and was a member of the celebrated 1970s Marvel Bullpen—hand-picked by Roy Thomas himself.

But in 1978, Jim Shooter fired Gerber, and Gerber sued. He tried to get the rights to his Howard the Duck creation (and lost)—and in the process enlisted Jack Kirby, another guy famously screwed by Marvel, to illustrate “Destroyer Duck”—a miniseries that Gerber used to raise legal fees.

He went on, however, to produces some truly brilliant comics after that, before he passed away in 2007.

So, how do you pick just ten books from a guy who wrote thousands of pages? Answer: With a lot of caveats.


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