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Posts made in December 25th, 2012

FANTASTIC FOUR #102-104: The War With Atlantis, And Jack’s Last Issue


IMG_0315Technically, “The War With Atlantis” is a Marvel event, a.k.a. “Atlantis Attacks,” that ran through the 1989 crop of Marvel annuals.  In reality, though, the Fantastic Four went to battle to save humans from Namor with a mad on back in these issues of the FF.  Sadly, Fantastic Four #102 was Jack Kirby’s last issue.

It started with Ben Grimm’s big sneeze.

But soon Namor started acting like a big jerk (as usual) and thinking he was the boss of everything and everyone.  At first, he’s manipulated by Magneto, who looks weird in this picture, drawn by John Romita.  Romita would draw only a  few issues, #102-106 and #108.

Nobody would really miss him.  It wasn’t his best work.

Anyway, by the end of the story, Namor predictably sides with the FF and all is right with the world in the end.



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